Use Case Senario's to help build your mobile app.

We'll help you to build an mobile app for you.
Now, it's going to take a little effort on your part. 

To give us a better idea, we are going to write up some Use Case Scenarios together. They're 'little stories' essentially detailing how the app is suppose to work. They've been used in recent years to help develop software. They'll help better convey your idea, and, in the end, help us develop you app faster. They tend to also give us an idea how long it will take to make your app. 

Generally, each 'step' in a Use Case Scenario represents a separate piece of code that will need to be written.
The more steps; the more code.

For your behalf, below is a Use Case Scenario Example: 


Primary actors: 
ATM Technician 

Basic Scenario: 
1. Customer inserts debit card into the ATM and enters PIN. 
2. ATM validates PIN. 
3. ATM displays customer options. 
4. Customer selects the option, Withdraw Cash. 
5. ATM prompts the Customer for an amount. 
6. Customer enters desired amount. 
7. ATM prompts the Customer to print receipt or not. 
8. Customer selects to print receipt or not. 
9. Transaction sent to Bank to determine if sufficient funds and if at withdrawal limit. 
10. ATM dispenses money. 
11. Customer takes money and receipt or not. 
12. ATM prompts the Customer to end or to continue. 
13. Customer selects to end or to continue. 

Additional Alternate Scenarios: 
2a. Customer PIN is not valid. 
2a1. ATM prompts the Customer to retry. 

7a. Customer enters unavailable amount. 
7a1. ATM prompts the Customer to re-enter amount. 

7b. ATM itself has insufficient funds to dispense to customer. 
7b1. ATM Technician is alerted. 
7b2. ATM notifies customer and prompts for lesser amount. 

13a. Customer selects to end. 
13a1. ATM returns debit card to Customer. 

13b. Customer selects to continue. 
13b1. ATM returns to step 3.